Month: September 2010

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2 young cancer survivors signed to Regis

DENVER For two young kids who have known more hospital rooms than athletic fields, after Wednesday they will both be spending much more time kicking, literally, cancer’s butt.

Myles Krick, 11, and Jamie Crook, 9, will become the latest Regis Rangers as they sign with the University’s athletic program Wednesday afternoon.

Krick, from Edgewater, will join Regis’ baseball team. The 11 year old was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2008 and spent a year in radiation and chemotherapy.

9 year old Crook, from Centennial, will join the Women’s Soccer team. She battles a liver cancer so rare, there is no treatment plan. It’s called fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma.
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The two young survivors have a locker and jersey in their respective team’s locker room, and will participate in practices as much as their health lets them.

Watch Regis athletes welcome the two cancer survivors to Ranger Athletics:

Their recruitment is part of Team IMPACT, a Boston based non profit that drafts children with life threatening or chronic illnesses to join college athletic teams.

After two relapses, Krick finally finished treatment in October of 2012. He underwent a stem cell transplant and several rounds of chemotherapy and continues to have regular MRI’s to monitor his health.

Crook has endured a challenging treatment process including scans, tests, surgeries, central lines, and feeding tubes.

To honor Myles, the team has added his family’s motto, “Kick Cancer’s Butt (KcB)” to its team jerseys. People can follow Myles’ and Jamie’s journey on Twitter via TeamKcB (Myles) and TeamJamie (Jamie).

Regis University was the first school in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference to host a Team IMPACT child.

The first child was signed by the Regis women’s lacrosse team in the spring of 2014. Since then, nine other kids have signed with Colorado school teams.

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Finally, it’s that time of the year again; you come back from your last FSc. exam, euphoric at the prospect of seeing your long forgotten love again, the holy bed. You rush into your room, kick off your sneakers and prepare to curl into those sheets . but what’s that lying on your bed?

A black and white card, bearing a horrible photo of yours, reading “K”.

Sadly, your dad did go through all those MCAT preparation pamphlets, checked out the various places and got you enrolled in an abyss for the entire summer behind your back.

You try and ignore the ugly photo on the card and go through the rest of the details.

All right now, Canada Goose Jackets classes 4 to 10. Whaaaaaaatt!!!!! The first introductory class starting . the same exact evening!!!

No partying like an animal in the evening anymore; finding a register and heading off to classes instead.

This was the story of my life and of a million others who took the stressful MCAT exam last year. Summer ’11, thus, wasn’t much fun.

With seniors and teachers and parents, all pointing me in different directions as to how to prepare for the test, I had no idea about what to do, where to start, which books to refer to.

An so I thought about writing about my experience and I hope it would, in some way, help all of you out there, preparing for the test this summer.

First of all, DON’T FREAK OUT.

Entry tests aren’t as hard as they are made out to be. I mean, it is MCQs right, how hard can it be? You’d pass even if you marked them all “B”. Jokes apart, I tell you, all the tension? Totally not worth it. The test itself is easy. You have my word for it. Don’t get confused by the baffling question papers the academies make you solve. MCAT and the new 40, 50, 10 formula was a complete blessing for us, Federal Board ones.

Preparation for MCAT for some is not something you just randomly do; it’s a whole lifestyle. So be prepared to give up an entire summer for the sake of your academic career. Then make a schedule. One chapter from the three subjects, Chemistry, Biology and Physics that is, each day and then learning about 10 words each from the vocabulary section. You can either do chapters or make a schedule that involves the topics given at the University of Health Sciences website.

Go and ask anybody who has taken the MCAT about which books to refer to and they will all tell you to “stick to your textbooks”. And they are absolutely right!

Half of the MCQs are just lines out of the text or a short numerical or a SAQ moulded into MCQ from the exercise. So, your first priority should be the FSc. text books.

I got bored of staring down at the same old books after already obsessing over them for the last two years, so I went ahead and bought MCQs books. People might say they just did the text books and that guides are a waste, but I shall enumerate the ones that helped me nonetheless.

NOTE: A levels waley ought to buy FSc wali books. Period.

Buying MCAT past papers and books with previous exams is a major help. Use these papers to practice. There are patterns. Identify them.

Chemistry: “Ilmi Objective Guide”. I went through the book five or six times and then marked the MCQs that were out of the syllabus and then went through the marked ones the night before the test. It helped a lot.

Another guide “Current Chemistry Objective Series” is also recommendable; it has a little bit of mistakes, but it has direct lines from the book and it feels like you have gone through the entire text once you solve the MCQs. Other than these two, I thoroughly went through OCR Chemistry (A levels oriented), it is amazing at helping one build up concepts and you will find that most of the difficult MCQs of the crash tests of certain academies are also from this book.

Physics: Again “Current Physics Objective Series”.

Biology: You can go for any MCQ book for practice, but nothing is ever out of the syllabus.

English : MCAT English is such a piece of cake. The only part you can prepare for is vocabulary. Get hold of the KIPS MCAT English book, they have a whole big portion for the synonyms of the words on the list. Do ten words each day, make funny pictures along with words to help you remember.

All four subject books: This would include the Doggar Series and MCET Seventh Edition.

Depends on whether you can take enough responsibility and prepare on your own. I feel academies overburden the students and make them solve way more difficult questions than actually come in the exam. most of the physics questions in the prep exams of the academy I attended were from “Pacific Physics by Pao Long Yee” and they are pretty baffling, I tell you. Itna mushkil paper NAHI ataa.

My experience was that academies do help, as far as practising is concerned and all the extra information does help a lot, but basically for NUST/AMC Entry Test, not this one.

Taking the crash tests at the end is advisable, though.

The UHS waley have made things easy; they even tell you how many MCQs are going to come out of a single topic so you know which topic to focus more on and give more time to. Don’t waste your time over the names of scientists and dates, they seldom come. Go through the numericals you should have the Periodic Table on your tips, build up concepts and practice Math without calculator.

No, I’m not talking about goats. My biggest sacrifice was being stuck in my room with the manhus formulae of organic chemistry on my 18th birthday. With one day to go before the NUST Medical entrance test and the entire syllabus of chemistry and physics completely untouched, I had no other option than to abandon my coming of age plans and stay in for the day.

Young burn victim receives cards from around the world

(NEWS10) A little girl wish is coming true.

Sa’fyre Terry was theonly survivorof a2013 arsonthat took the lives of herfather and three siblings. She also suffered severe burns over most of her body.

A call was put out on Facebook to send the 8 year oldChristmas cardsto fill hercard tree. Box is overflowing with love from around the world.

Sa’fyre arrived at the post office on Tuesday to pick up her mail and was surprised by the large amount she has received.

Dolder told her she was coming to the post office to pick up one card,Moncler Jacken Damen Outlet and when she was shown a bin filled with cards and presents, her reaction was as genuine as they come.

But the mail won’t stop any time soon. Tuesday was the first of many trips to the post office for Sa’fyre and her family. Word about her Christmas wish is still circling the world.

So far, cards have come in from Illinois, Kentucky, Connecticut, and even the North Pole.

“Smallest post office here in Rotterdam,” Schenectady CountyPostmaster John Reilly said. “I hope it gets overwhelmed and have someone to come in to help and want to help in any way we can.”

Locally, the McKownville Fire Department is just one department, business or family that has taken up a collection for Sa’fyre. They plan to send out their cards sometime this week.

“I’m just happy that she could find some happiness now,” firefighter Jessica Falconiere said. “I’m glad that we can be a part of that, but more importantly, I’m glad that she can have a great Christmas.”

“Most, if not all, of the people in the department have brought this back to their families and to their places of business as well, so it’s just really going to spread from here,” McKownville Fire Chief Russ Becker said.

As the messages have poured in, Dolder can’t believe her eyes. She feels as though Sa’fyre has become a living message of hope, faith and love.

“If you could just see what I see, and that’s why I share what I share because it’s just so remarkable,” she said.

Dolder said the magic of Christmas has come full circle. Sa’fyre’s family has helped her heal since the tragic fire, and now Sa’fyre is an inspiration to people all over the world.

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Two men accused of murder pleaded guilty and no contest Tuesday to the reduced charge of voluntary manslaughter.

Kenneth Donald Azlin pleaded guilty in the March 27, 2013, stabbing death of his step grandfather, Roy Shier, 65, in the victim’s residence on the 6200 block of Coyle Avenue in Carmichael.

Thecree Brown pleaded no contest to the April 22, 2012, gang related shooting death of Ubaldo Barraza, 25, in the 4500 block of Arlington Avenue in the unincorporated south Sacramento area.

Azlin, 28, claimed that he had been sexually molested as a youth by Shier, and his lawyer, Greg Foster, said the victim “reinitiated unwanted sexual touching” with the defendant just before the killing. Azlin was visiting his grandparents on his way home to Taft in Kern County.

Foster said Shier had been sexually molested by his own father. The lawyer added that there was evidence that Shier had molested two other victims besides Azlin, and that Judge Marjorie Koller was going to allow some testimony to that effect at the trial.

“It’s just sad all around,” Foster said.

Under the terms of his plea bargain, Azlin is expected to be sentenced to 12 years in prison when he returns to court on Jan. 2.

Brown, 22, shot and killed Barraza to conclude what had been almost a daylong confrontation with gang overtones between him and his friends who were lined up against neighbors and their acquaintances in the area near Franklin Boulevard and 21st Avenue.

According to testimony at Brown’s preliminary hearing, Barraza may have been trying to act as a peacemaker in the moments before he was fatally shot. Cheap Jerseys free shipping Brown was in a confrontation with two friends of Barraza’s, and the victim was pulling one of them away from pursuing the confrontation, one witness testified.

“It wasn’t clear, but there was some evidence to suggest” that Barraza, just before he was shot, may have been trying to “defuse” the combatants who were angry with Brown, Deputy District Attorney Morgan Gire said.

Witness credibility questions led prosecutors to offer the plea deal, according to Gire.

Brown is facing a 31 year term at his scheduled March 6 sentencing in front of Judge Eugene L. Balonon. Under his plea, Brown is slated to receive 11 years for manslaughter, 10 years for the use of a gun and 10 more years for shooting to benefit his street gang.