I went as a small child

I went as a small child in or for a class trip and mainly remember going on the train. I have a pic of myself and a friend in a zebra stripe painted car. I actually took a bunch of pics yesterday while exploring and would love to post them. Skier, Eco Advocate Alison Gannett This world champion skier now spends a great deal of her time speaking on behalf of the world melting snow. See her favorite ski spots >> Anastasia Ashley It not easy to make your way in the male dominated world of big wave. Read the interview >>.

“Finally I believe it important to comment on the assertion that we are only busy 1.97 percent of the time. That figure only shows time spent on full blown structure fires. That number doesn’t even remotely reflect the time spent mitigating the more than 2,300 additional emergencies we will have responded to this year.

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