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Andrew Schron, a 39 year old father of three young kids, was also a high school football coach and found time to train thousands of students, all while battling cancer for 13 years. He lost his fight Monday.

“I wish one day, his children could look back on him and just see what a wonderful person he was,” said Veronica DiMeglio, Schron’s sister.

The family has endured their share of battles. Schron’s son, Jake, was featured on NY1 after receiving a heart transplant three years ago. Still, Schron persevered and coached the Curtis High School Warriors, the team he played for when he was a student. Because of his performance at Curtis High School, Schron earned an athletic scholarship to play football at Hofstra University.

“He had a career ending injury that brought him back to Staten Island,” DiMeglio said.

That’s when he got the opportunity to coach the Warriors, which he did for 18 years.

DiMeglio said the name of the team describes her brother perfectly.

“He was a true warrior,” she canada goose “Every time he was faced with something coming out of remission and it coming back and having to go back into chemo, I mean, he just continued. My brother wouldn’t stop doing what he loved to do, and that was football.”

Peter Gambardella is the current head coach for the Warriors. He used to play football in high school with Schron. They later coached the team together.

“As his cancer progressed a little bit, with the skin cancer, he couldn’t spend as much time outside on the field,” Gambardella said.

Even though Schron wasn’t physically on the field, he didn’t stop coaching. He would watch the games online.

“After every game, he’d call me and tell me what he didn’t like and the very few things he did like,” Gambardella said.

“My mom and dad, sisters, we just want to thank you for your generosity and support. It’s just a true testament to my brother and all the people that he touched,” DiMeglio said.

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