“We’re still assembling a list but of course the sewer issue

Over the years Laettner claimed to have thought he was fouled backwards into the goal post by Timberlake earlier in the game, and stepped on his chest in retaliation, but apologized for the rude stunt on Twitter as the documentary aired. Regardless, his game winning shot ranks as No. 17 on ESPN “100 Most Memorable Moments of the past 25 Years” and tops pretty much every of the tournament greatest moments.

wholesale jerseys from china The controversy of the lack of a penalty there will last a long time, and will also overshadow a tremendous game. And the Lions and their fans will bemoan it for a long time. “We’re still assembling a list but of course the sewer issue and amalgamation into the city is front and centre,” said Solc, referring to the city’s proposal to join properties in the Crawford Road area with the city of Campbell River in order to provide them with the city’s sewer service. “The other thing we’re working on is the Official Community Plan for the area and we’re trying to come up with plans as to where we think Area D development should go. That will be an ongoing thing.”. wholesale jerseys from china

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