When police reached the scene they found Lassu unconscious in

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replica hermes birkin Bill Shorten will ramp up his foreign worker fight as the Turnbull government tries to push its signature industrial relations legislation past a cranky crossbench during the final week of Parliament. The Labor leader will introduce a private member’s bill seeking to crack down on the 457 visa program on Monday, in a bid to set the agenda and embarrass the government over the issue. The Migration Amendment (Putting Local Workers First) Bill 2016 would introduce stronger labour market testing and tougher criteria for licensing 457 workers, and give ministers more power to grant and revoke labour agreements. replica hermes birkin

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hermes replica In Leduc Provincial Court on Thursday, Jan. 9.When police reached the scene they found Lassu unconscious in the driver seat of his Jaguar. He had alcohol on his breath and there was an opened rum bottle in the back seat Designer Replica Hermes, Crown prosecutor Rod Clark told the court.Lassu was arrested and taken to a local RCMP detachment where he gave two breath samples, recording blood alcohol levels of.300 and.290 mg., said Clark, who requested a $2,500 fine hermes replica.


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