Constitution wasn’t perfect, our founders left room to improve

Downstairs in the restaurant, spandex wearing athletes order extra portions of beans and try to get as many calories into their bodies as possible before hitting the road. Cycling legend Sean Kelly passes through, and the talk is of energy snacks, puncture repair kits and niggling injuries. I’m here to cycle with the group on the first part of their journey into Cork’s City Hall.

Tracy McGrady The superstar scorer was never able to lead the Rockets or any team for that matter past the first round of the playoffs. Then during the 2008 09 season, he opted to get microfracture surgery at the trade deadline, throwing a monkey wrench in the Rockets plans to move him. They traded him a year later to the Knicks.

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S. Constitution wasn’t perfect, our founders left room to improve on the original document that was written in the late 1700s. Since that time the Constitution, which is the back bone of America, has been amended twenty seven times in order to keep trying to make it better..

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