When your social media pages

When your social media pages are flooded with Respect Ronaldo posts moments after Portugal winning the UEFA European Championship, you know for sure that India is not alien to international sports. Jerseys of David Beckham or Thiery Henry then, or of Rooney and Ozil now, have been one of the primary ornamentations of Indian football fields. Barclays Premier League (BPL), or for that matter, any other European League, has developed its niche in India over the years and now broadcast giants are cashing in on it..

Today’s ceremony is part of an Air Force tradition to dedicate aircraft to significant people, events and places. Prisoners of war and troops missing in action; military families; Purple Heart recipients; and those serving in Operation Enduring Freedom. C 17s have been dedicated to individuals including former President Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope and Medal of Honor recipients Sgt.

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