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The driver of a semi tractor trailer, Kenneth B. Geiger Jr., 51, of Princeton, failed to slow for traffic and struck a rental box truck in the rear; the box truck, driven by Matthew Roeder, 39, of Arizona, then hit the rear of a school bus. Thesemi continued left to avoid traffic and struck a van and forced that van into barrier cables..

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Drivers can use the new app but they don have to, said Lt. Chris Flanagan. Instead they can use the kiosks to park in 10 hour, five hour or two hour spaces. Moonshower, Sandra M. Moran, Byron A. Moree, Marlynn Morse, Sarah P. Officials confirmed that all residents wereevacuated from the retirement communitysafely. Some had to be rescued by staff and firefighters. One resident was transported to the hospital for minor smoke inhalation.

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