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The Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant


A vital component of any successful business is the marketing they do online. Digital marketing can be overwhelming and it moves and changes at an unbelievable speed. When it comes to your online strategy a digital marketing consultant is most beneficial to your business. What does a digital marketing consultant do exactly? Their job is to develop a strategy that gets your brand noticed, increases search rankings and converts customers. They determine when and where you should be online to achieve optimal results.

Digital Marketing Consultants are Experts at Marketing Online

It seems that almost every week a new social media platform is hitting the internet. Is it right for your business? It’s hard to know where to be to effectively reach your customers. This is what a digital consultant does; they eat, breathe and sleep online marketing. They know the best social media platforms for your business, the latest in technology and how to keep a website fresh.

They Develop Strategy and the Tactics to Implement it

There is a big difference between a marketing strategy and tactics. Strategy is a plan that is put together to help reach an objective. The tactics are the actions taken within the strategy to realize the goal. A consultant is an outside party that can review your goals and look objectively at your brand, website and current marketing and come up with a strategy that fits your needs. They can look at it from the perspective of the customer, potential customer and competition. Sometimes it’s hard to separate yourself from the brand and an outside party has a better view of things. Digital marketing consultants are current on all online technology and social media that they can develop the best mix of platforms to realize your goal.

Monitoring the Competition

It’s always important to know what your competition is doing in all facets of business. One of the roles of the digital marketing consultant is to monitor what the competition is doing online. A consultant researches what the other guys are doing, where they are investing their time and money online so you know where you stand. They provide tips and recommendations on what you should do online to stay in front of the competition.

Digital Marketing Consultants are

You may think that hiring a consulting group is expensive. It’s actually just the opposite. To have a social media manager, website developer, SEO expert, content writer and videographer on staff can be quite costly with salaries and benefits. When you hire outside the company, you get all those roles in one, affordable price. A full-service consulting firm offers exceptional talent without all the cost associated with people in-house. If you are need of a digital marketing consultant for your business in Ottawa, Contact WSI eStrategies.

WSI eStrategies is a local digital marketing company based in Ottawa, Ontario backed by a strong international presence with over 1500 consultants in 80 countries worldwide. We strive to discover, analyze, build and implement digital solutions that will make a difference for local businesses just like yours.

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Austin Healey 3000 MK II
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Image by pedrosimoes7
Lisbon, Portugal

in Wikipedia

Austin-Healey was a brand of sports car.
The marque was established through a joint venture arrangement set up in 1952 between Leonard Lord of the Austin division of the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and Donald Healey, a renowned automotive engineer and designer.

Austin-Healey produced cars until 1972 when the 20-year agreement between Healey and Austin came to an end. Donald Healey left the company in 1968 when British Motor Holdings (BMC had merged with Jaguar Cars in 1966 to form BMH) was merged into British Leyland.

Incidentally, the name Austin is now owned by Nanjing who bought the assets of MG Rover Group (British Leyland’s successor company) out of bankruptcy in 2005. After Donald Healey sold his original business, Donald Healey Motor Company, the Healey brand was registered to a new firm, Healey Automobile Consultants, which the Healey family sold to HFI Automotive in 2005.

In June 2007, Nanjing and Healey Automobile Consultants / HFI Automotive signed a collaborative agreement that aims to recreate the Austin-Healey and Healey marques alongside NAC’s MG. No timeline has been given as to when the Healey and Austin-Healey brands will return, although MG will be back on the market in China and the UK by the year’s end.

The Austin-Healey 3000 was a sports car built from 1959 to 1967, by the Austin-Healey marque, and is the best known of the ‘big’ Healey models. The 3000 was a successful car which won its class in many European rallies in its heyday – and is still used in competition by enthusiasts today. The car was originally to be called the "Mille Miglia" after the famous sports car race, but the displacement-based "3000" name stuck instead. Both the 3000 and the 100 before it were known simply as "the Austin-Healey" in the 1950s, since the company was essentially a single-vehicle marque.

The original Austin Healey 3000 was 2912 cc (nearly 3 litres), with twin SU carburetors and front disc brakes. It was only called the Mark I after the Mark II was released. The original 3000 was built from 1959 – 1961 and has model designation BT7 (4 seat version) and BN7 (2 seater).

The 3000 Mk II came with triple SU Carburetors was built 1961 – 1963 and had model variants BT7 (4 seater version), BN7 (2 seat roadster) and BJ7 (wind up windows rather than side curtains).
The 3000 Mk III was launched in 1963, and remained in production until 1967.
The Series BJ8 was the most powerful and luxurious of the big Healeys – with a Walnut veneer dash, wind up windows, and 150 hp (112 kW).
Austin Healey 3000’s have a long competition history – having raced at most major racing circuits around the world, including Sebring (USA), Le Mans (France), and Mount Panorama Circuit, Bathurst (Australia). Internet Marketing Consultant Course training webinar will help you decide if you want a career with Internet Marketing Consultant Course
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Choosing a Marketing Consultant for Search Engine Marketing Success


If you have a website or web based business you know how important it is to generate traffic if you want to succeed. Having your website ranked high in search engine listings is one surefire way to get a lot of traffic, but getting there is easier said than done. Using a search engine marketing consultant is one way to increase your website’s rank and pull in more traffic.

There are some things you should consider before using a search engine marketing consultant’s services, however, to make sure that you find the person best suited for the job.

Most search engine marketing consultants will focus on the three main areas of search engine marketing, incoming links, website content, and keywords. These are the most important factors that contribute to your website’s rank within search engines, and if you correctly execute them it will result in a higher ranking for your site.

The first thing a search engine marketing consultant should do for your website is keyword research. Keyword research will determine which keywords are the best suited for marketing your website and the competition for the keywords that relate to your website. They will analyze which keywords will bring in the most traffic and which are the best to use on your website and in your advertising campaigns.

A search engine marketing consultant should also examine your competition to determine which competing websites are in the top rankings for your keywords, why they are there, and how you can help your site move up. They will also focus on optimization making sure that each of your web pages is properly emphasizing the right keywords and using meta and title tags.

Apart from your website, search engine marketing consultants will also help you use off page optimization such as building link popularity. Having incoming links from other websites that are related to your market is a great way to boost your search engine rankings. Article Marketing and link sharing are two ways to increase your websites incoming links and your search engine rankings.

The search engine marketing consultant you choose should also spend time helping you develop your advertising campaign and selecting the best keywords for your ads. Choosing the right keywords is important if you want your paid advertising to bring in the most traffic.

If you want to increase traffic to your website, you need to be ranked highly in search engines. A search engine marketing consultant can help you boost your ranking but be sure to choose the individual or company you use carefully.

Before you start an SEO project, go to Ron Subs site for information on SEO Management and more Search Engine Marketing Articles.

Two best friends
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Image by WilliamMarlow
Will Marlow is a digital advertising and marketing consultant who holds multiple certifications from Google, Inc.

Visit Will Marlow, LLC’s website or follow him on Twitter here

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This picture was this week’s A-Town Dog Blog.

Two Shih Tzu best friends.

Nikon D7000
Exposure: 1/400
Aperture: f/5.0
Focal Length: 60 mm
ISO: 400

Internet marketing consultant expanding its wings


Online marketing consultant utilizes approaches for your progress of enterprise houses wishing to operate or operate for the net. The principal employment of these consultants would be to provide their exclusive tips to the organization to develop the return and production they’re operating for. For promoting diverse types of company on the net successful, these types of arrangements are manufactured. These internets marketing consultant aids the business enterprise houses for picking a staff. They do the job with an aim to tips you to detail of work you have for making for reaching your aim.

Website marketing consultant advices their clientele’ particularly remote company houses for producing approaches for supporting their endeavours. They also do the job inside area of getting ready an infrastructure of software package and hardware for their purchasers. They know how to have extra visibility by raising the internet visitors. Website marketing consultant is growing up as profession fields. The company houses need to check the experience of their marketing consultant ahead of deploying them. They should be educated, experienced in their subject and must possess the information so that they will allow you to reach your goal.

If the consultants are employed by the enterprise houses, they discuss the plans and targets of your organization. Considering the world wide web marketing and advertising consultants must work primarily by discussing the several suggestions with their customers, they should not hesitate to talk with diverse men and women. These experts give little time towards the each and every of their customers as their need is excessive.

A consultant needs to be professional sufficient for organisation and conducting shows earlier than the clientele. They mainly work on very first arrive first serve basis. These consultants give attention to increasing the targeted visitors on internet because it assists in online marketing to broaden by means of world-wide-web web page. Only escalating the visitors era will not be enough to enhance the earnings. These consultants provide their specialist opinion on expert services like research motor optimization, promoting or mail promoting.

For rising the rating, a communal exercise may be launched by search engines. It could possibly be comprehend by by doing this. In a very occasion, if you’re not interacting while using other individuals, they would also not want you to hang you round. A similar way a seek engine operates. The enterprise houses which tend not to stick to the instance may shed their rating and organization.

Internet marketing consultant constructing a internet site should have solid basis. The search motor spiders ought to crawls as a result of your website on a regular basis. Otherwise your website might be of no use as quantity of clientele to reach your site could well be really much less.

Freelance Writer and Blogger. Passionate about writing on varied topics , specifically SEo tools, online promotion and web marketing tactics.

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marketing consultant
Image by dragonfly184
Discover how Domenica can help with the marketing of your business using the incredible power of the internet.The potential is massive and there is really no question.."You need to be online". Call Domenica today. 0208 834 4795 Whitehat SEO Ltd London. Be an online marketing success story today with the help of a knowledgeable Digital Marketing consultant. How? Watch this video or Call Us Today at 020 8834 4795
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WhiteHat SEO Ltd
80A Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush
London, Greater London W12 8LR
United Kingdom
020 8834 4795
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Internet marketing consultant – need of the business houses


Internet marketing consultant is really a broad name for creating diverse strategies for that enterprise household who wishes to get the job done or function via The web. The most important task would be to work for your business providing their distinctive assistance about tips on how to boost the manufacturing or earnings. It truly is also a formation of your method for advertising and marketing any type of company online. They support in deciding on a team. Their primary is intention is to show you tips on how to run in direction of your achievement.

Internet marketing consultant assists their customers for getting ready many tactics to aid the endeavours of remote organization houses. They also do the job that can help their customers for getting ready a suitable infrastructure of application and hardware. Internet marketing consultant operates by increasing in Internet visitors. It has become a one in the fastest rising profession fields. Prior to picking an Internet marketing consultant a single ought to see that they’ve a expert workforce possessing a minimum of postgraduate training, experience to ensure that you are able to achieve your business targets.

These consultants convene using the proprietor of enterprise houses to discuss the objectives. A single must sense no cost to speak to a diverse people today, as Online marketing consultants must get the job done generally on discussing the suggestions with their consumers or clients. As these specialists are in total need, they’ll give little time to their customers every month.

A consultant must be able to organise and conduct presentation. These consultants give good results largely on first can come initially serve basis. Since The net promoting might be expanded via web site, they mostly focus on rising the site visitors. The targeted traffic technology alone not only guarantees that the organization will yield gains. They also offers correct assistance on companies like research engine optimisation, advertising and marketing and E mail marketing and advertising.

The search engines has launched sociable exercise. Take as an example, if that you are at a party and not interacting together with the other people. Would other folks like you to hang approximately? The exact same is inside the engines like google. The business houses which might be not following the case in point are shedding their rating and business enterprise.

Internet marketing consultant getting ready web page to the organization houses really should possess a good basis. It is mainly because; the lookup engine crawlers ought to achieve you routinely. It should also be ensured that they visit whole of your website. The web site developed ought to be acquiring quality content material. A lot more contents really should be extra to enhance the sizing. This also supplies a lot more visibility and straightforward entry by the people today. The addition of information depends about the competitions.

Freelance Writer and Blogger. Passionate about writing on varied topics , specifically SEo tools, online promotion and web marketing tactics.

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marketing consultant
Image by WilliamMarlow
Will Marlow is a digital advertising and marketing consultant who holds multiple certifications from Google, Inc.

Visit Will Marlow, LLC’s website or follow him on Twitter here

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Nikon D40
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Becoming A Digital Marketing Consultant


Living the digital lifestyle and becoming a digital marketing consultant is a dream that many people hold and perhaps you have this same dream. Do you dream of the freedom to go anywhere you want to go and of having the capability of doing whatever you want to do all day, having the freedom from the 9 to 5 and the ability to move forward in life progressively? Perhaps you dream of a lifestyle where you travel around the world and have the luxury to go anywhere you want 7 days a week, a lifestyle that affords you to work when you decide to and to make as much money as you want instead of how much money someone else decides that you are worth. Having the freedom to wake up in the morning whenever you want and then hopping online to make tons of money is what many people dream of.

Fortunately, you can achieve that by taking advantage of recent changes in the way the world works. Globalization and the proliferation of the internet have enabled anyone – anyone, to make a decent living online, regardless of whether you are in Bangladesh or New York. How is this possible? The possibility lies in the online economy. The world is changing and the online economy is growing bigger and bigger every day. Now you can tap into this power and take advantage of the power that is has to offer you.

You can create freedom for yourself as a professional Digital Marketing Consultant. You can get clients from all around the world and have other people do the work for you. Your role as a consultant is an expert, a genius mastermind who clients go to for help, profits, and greater business success.Digital Marketing Consultants first need to acquire leads for clients in a variety of ways such as:

• Online classifieds
• Sales
• Telemarketing
• Free information
• Publicity
• Writing articles

Once you have clients who are interested in making more money doing online digital marketing you can convert those leads into sales through a question-based selling process. Neil Rackman has written a great book for consultants called SPIN selling, how it works is you ask a series of different types of questions with your leads:

• Situation Questions – how is their online marketing working for them?
• Problem Questions – what is your biggest sales problem? What is your biggest marketing problem?
• Implication Questions – how is that problem affecting your profits? How is that limiting your growth?
• Need/Payoff Questions – so if you fixed x problem you would be able to achieve double-digit growth this year?

Once you complete all of this, you are able to move them forward to the next step. This may be by offering a free consultation to the people you are working with, offering a mock up sample, providing them with a quote, or any number of other things. Once you have moved them forward on another step, you want to map out the process you want your clients to go to. For example you should create a marketing plan from the first step all the way to the sale:

1. Lead generation
2. Initial questions
3. Proposal
4. Mock up samples
5. Quotation
6. Price agreement and contract
7. Initial deposit.
8. First work being done.

This simple step-by-step strategy enables you to move your prospective clients all the way from being interested to completing a transaction and sale. The key to remember about being a Digital Marketing Consultant is that it is also a numbers game. For example:

1. Send out 5000 flyers leads to
2. 10 people call which leads to
3. 5 appointments resulting in
4. 2 sales

Often our expectations and hopes for what could happen are normally higher than what actually happens. The best way is to not get your hopes up too high then if things do better than what you had hoped you will be thrilled. If things only meet your minimum expectations then you won’t be upset and have the persistence to keep on persisting. For example if you expect that you send out 10 flyers and 5 people are going to call you, this is probably an unrealistic expectation. Most things that are worthwhile in life take a degree of persistence and that persistence is your key to success. Expecting things to simply fall into your lap is probably unrealistic. Enter into your business as a Digital Marketing Consultant then you will overcome whatever problems and obstacles come up as you work towards your dreams.

Remember that you are working towards an incredible life, which is worthwhile, something that you will enjoy for years to come; so going through a little difficulty and having some persistence will be well worth the effort you put in initially. Think of your persistence and effort as an investment that pays you dividends for years to come.The hard work and initial perseverance you put in towards success means that you can relax and have an easy life on the beach for years to come.

A Digital Marketing Consultant is an amazing, easy, and fun job that you are going to love. Create a thorough plan and system for acquiring your customers then you can outsource the marketing services or do it yourself. Remember that any time you do something new it can be hard in the beginning, but again, staying committed and staying dedicated will bring you success and an easy life that you’ve always been dreaming of.

An unusual sight in Falls Church
marketing consultant
Image by WilliamMarlow
I think this is a black-crowned night heron, but someone else might be able to help provide some insight…

Will Marlow is a digital advertising and marketing consultant who holds multiple certifications from Google, Inc and Microsoft Corporation.

I took this photo with my Nikon D7000 — which is my favorite camera. Here is a link to a good deal on one through my Amazon store.

Visit the website for Will Marlow, LLC or follow Will on Twitter here

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Hiring A Marketing Consultant Professional Is The Best Business Choice You Can Make


As a business person, it is important that you understand the best way to spread the word about what you have to offer. When it comes to marketing, you can do-it-yourself, or you can choose another option. When you do things yourself, this can be wise because you are the person that believes in your business the most. But you shouldn’t do everything yourself. When you hire a Marketing Consultant, you will reap great rewards. A person like this can keep you at the top of your game. Just look for someone that has a proven track record for success, and a certain level of business education.

A marketing consultant can do this for you. You just want to make sure that you hire a good worker that is professionally trained, and that can provide you with proven results. If you hire someone that always works within your organization, this can mean that they have a keen understanding of your business, and how it is run, but if they are not professionals, they can do more harm than good.

When you are trying to decide who to hire, hire someone that has education in the marketing field and someone that has catapulted other businesses to success. A common mistake that entrepreneurs can make is hiring an intern or college kid to hire their marketing campaign. This is not a good idea. You want a professional for many reasons.

A professional can organize their time best. They know how to target markets, and they know how to make you look good. A college kid can read a book and follow directions; but a professional has experience. There is nothing more valuable than experience. You want to make your business look good. Do you really think you can get a professional image without working with someone who has industry experience? Why launch your own advertising campaign? Do you really understand the protocol, or what is involved?

Contracting a marketing consultant is a wise choice. Let your staff member, interns and college students working within your organization work for you in a different way. These people can assist the marketing consultant, pass out fliers and make cold calls. Do not risk your marketing idea and focus on people that do not understand societal and cultural buying habits. It is best not to have foolish pride to think that you can save money using an untrained worker or your own self for your entire campaign.

These people can put your message on TV quicker than you could. They can call in favors and they can get you discounts on printing, film production and anything else you will need. People like this have experience enough to understand the challenges that you will face day to day with your marketing campaign.

These people are trained to see the hurdles directly in front of them, as well as the outcome of their activities. Even though you might care about your business more than a marketing consultant, the truth is, having a third person opinion, is always a good thing to have. An impartial onlooker with professional training is extremely valuable in more ways than one.

Add to that impartial advice, professional training, and you have got a mega-whammy. You have got a knockout punch. Another thing that you will find is that marketing takes away from management. You cannot manage your own marketing campaign and run your business effectively. There are not enough hours in the day. Hire a Marketing Consultant instead.

Get exclusive inside info on why hiring a marketing consultant is the best business decision you can make instantly in our steve mills overview.

The Cigarette Girl
marketing consultant
Image by WilliamMarlow
Will Marlow is a digital advertising and marketing consultant who holds multiple certifications from Google, Inc.

Visit the website for Will Marlow, LLC or follow Will on Twitter here

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I took this photograph at a charity event/fundraiser for a nonprofit called FACETS on October 22, 2011. FACETS is a great charity that operates a homeless shelter and a food pantry for people in need in Fairfax, Virginia. You can see the other 132 photographs I took for FACETS at this event on on the FACETS Flickr page here.

Three of the photographs I took were used in this Fairfax Connection story about the event.

You can visit FACETS’ website here.

We Do Free Money Research
Matthew Lesko,
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Find Out More About Internet Marketing Consultant


All these days there has been an raise in the volume of internet based shopping and this has assisted the internet marketing business to grow. Therefore there have been several internet marketing businesses that are owned by novices who are seeking to make money out of their businesses. The main aim as to why most of the people are starting an online businesses is due to the reason of the internet’s 24 hr operability, international presence and the low start up cost it requires.

However, there is a lot of competition on the internet and most of the websites proprietors do not have the information and the ability to make their site advertise. Even if your website is completely attractive and has some of the best products, it can turn to be a breakdown if it doesn’t get adequate traffic.

This is where an internet marketing consultant comes in. The core job of internet marketing consultant is to guide their clients to increase the traffic to their websites and thereby increase their sales. There are several ways to do this like Search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and many more. Surely most of the website owners do have the experience about all these techniques but they lack the expertise and the time required to do this the right way. An internet marketing consultant would help you to operate the proper techniques needed to increase the traffic to your website.

An internet marketing consulting business mostly depends on the abilities and the hard work of the business owner. The start-up price is quite low as the business is service based and doesn’t require a lot of inventories; the business owner will have to educate himself about internet marketing before he starts the business. There are so many ways of achieving this education such as home study, attending various seminars, operating with a specialist or by taking up a course.

Therefore, the start-up capital required for the business would be the cost of the education which can range anywhere between $ 500 and $ 10,000. You would also require a marketing website which would normally cost you around $ 1,500.

The amount for the service of an internet marketing consultant will very much depend on the source of the traffic and the advertising practice that are used and also the keywords that are needed so as to optimize the website. Its because if some of the websites have a lot of more common keywords will require a lot more work load in order to produce the desired results. Set an end to all your fears and hire an internet marketing consultant TODAY!

Bryan Dulaney is an SEO Expert, Serial Entrepreneur, Social Media Strategist, internet marketing consultant and Mobile Marketing Maverick who has been involved in over .5 MILLION Launches over the past 4 years online! To know more about Bryan please go to:

Looking for lunch?
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Image by WilliamMarlow
I think this is a black-crowned night heron, but someone else might be able to help provide some insight…

Will Marlow is a digital advertising and marketing consultant who holds multiple certifications from Google, Inc and Microsoft Corporation.

I took this photo with my Nikon D7000 — which is my favorite camera. Here is a link to a good deal on one through my Amazon store.

Visit the website for Will Marlow, LLC or follow Will on Twitter here

Or email him.

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Retaining an Inbound Marketing Consultant 5 Very Important Questions


Inbound Marketing is definitely an internet marketing strategy determined by linking together with buyers using subject material marketing. Ones prospective buyers are on Search engines and web 2 . 0 seeking knowledge that can assist their particular purchase choice. Reaching these kind of people is the fundamental concept involving Inbound Marketing. If thinking of a good Inbound Marketing professional to build qualified website visitors to your website listed below are 5 essential qualifying criteria when hiring an Inbound consultant.

One. Certification. Hubspot, the preeminent Web marketing software company features a extensive training curriculum for you to obtain two different levels of accreditation. The initial is a Standard Recognition. This specific level addresses quite a few topics such as Website seo, website page development, blogging optimization and Customer relationship management management. Of the 4,200 people who have the standard certification program 65% currently have passed. The 2nd level is Honors Certification. Merely 15% of are in this place. Here you understand enhanced Inbound Marketing Consulting tactics related to reporting business results, lead nurturing and Customer relationship management . In both cases, Hubspot certification is a industry standard for an Inbound consultant.

Two. Content Development. The engine which will drives reliable Inbound Marketing is content generation. Running a blog, high quality content (for example whitepapers) as well as video are all significant ways of putting “thought leadership” content on the web. A very good Inbound Marketing Consultant has got the methods to either produce the information for you or guide your team with this very important part of the plan. It is important to determine if your Inbound Marketing Consultant possesses blogging methods relative to ones industry. Always be sure to ask about online video in addition. The particular response should really be yes. Also, it should not be costly either.

Three.Search marketing Experience. Web optimization is integral to help the best way that content is made. Especially, exactly what subject areas along with phrases might resonate most with your buyers who are searching on the internet. Search engine optimization ought to be built into all your content, notably blogs efforts. You can ask the Inbound Consultant to clarify the direction they would most likely maximize your blog entries. At very least they need to discuss title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags and backlinking (external and internal). Ask about off-page procedures for building links like newswire distribution along with competitive web page link examination to find out the place your competitors are gaining inbound links. Last but not least, it is advisable to find out if the Inbound Marketing Consultant will be able to improve your online video media information for increased visibility.

4.Web site Operations Practical experience. Establish how much knowledge your Inbound Consultant has operating web sites. Expertise operating a internet site suggests that they fully understand technology, content, website marketing, Public relations, stats and finance. This kind of experience will let you determine if they comprehend all the elements an Inbound Marketing campaign involves and their ability to work together with most levels of your corporation. An individual with lots of Facebook friends is not an appropriate fit to interface along with your senior management.

5.Duration of Engagement. There are not any quick solutions. You can ask the the Inbound Marketing Consultant the length of time will probably be to ascertain outcomes. The proper answer should be is that often if the procedure is implemented as well as right internal resources are dedicated, about four to six months to begin to see success which includes more traffic along with more leads to your web site.

Municipal Chambers
marketing consultant
Image by кiт-кaтн Halкeтт
The Municipal Chambers has travelled a long road of historical development, and is now a powerful piece of symbolic architecture right in the heart of the city

These qualities were compromised over the years with removal of the top part of the central tower, the main entrance steps, and balustrades at roof level. These elements have all been restored convincingly and accurately, and have awakened the latent need in the community for symbolic public architecture.

The finished product

Externally, the Municipal Chambers has been restored to RA Lawson’s design. It has changed from being an old and bland building stripped of its decoration and symbolic functions into the centrepiece of Dunedin’s main central open space. Restoration of the Chambers has re-established a powerful symbolic environment for the Dunedin City Council, enhanced by cultural references to the history of the City and the Province.

The construction has recognised a new culture of respect for historic buildings in Dunedin. It also awakened the Council itself to the unique architectural heritage of Dunedin, through which the City’s buildings are now viewed as a central element in the City’s marketing strategy for economic growth. In 1874 design entries were called for for a larger more functional civic building, but it was not until a vote in November 1876 that the Council decided that the Corporation offices should be built in the Octagon.

The building was to include council chambers and offices, a large public hall to seat 2000 people, a clock and observation tower, fire brigade premises and a market. RA Lawson won the contract as the architect. He was actually placed second in the competition but as he was a resident in Dunedin, he was given the commission and permission to use his design. The building contract was let on 26 February 1878 to local contractors Mercer and Low at the amount of 20, 390 pounds.

The foundation stone was laid on 24 May 1878. In a cavity beneath this stone a bottle was placed containing copies of all the current local papers, a parchment scroll bearing an account of the history of the project, a pamphlet written by James McIndoe describing the city and province and a set of contemporary coins. The Town Hall was built of Oamaru limestone with two storeys and a basement and was officially opened for business on 25 May 1880. The Dunedin City Council had their first meeting on 1 June 1880 in the new premises.

Growth calls for still larger premises

Over 100 years passed, and growth of the City as well as added Council functions exerted pressure on office space in the new chambers. For a number of years before the 100-year period ended, many departments of Council were housed in outlying rented premises. As the time for plans for the new complex began to emerge, departments were spread over five outlying offices for which considerable rent was being paid. Not only was it costly but the disintegration of so many units of administration severely impaired the efficiency of the whole organisation.

The Municipal Chambers were modernised in 1939, with two lifts replacing the interior stairs, and the original exterior stairs being removed and most of the interior being relined. In 1964 the upper section of the Oamaru Stone Clocktower was removed, together with stone parapets, balustrades and all exterior decorative elements. A new civic administration building was completed in 1982 and the Chambers was largely vacated. There was sporadic debate during this decade about whether the building should be restored or demolished altogether. In 1987, city consultants were asked to develop a strategic plan for the future of the building. If restoration was to proceed, it was to take place inside the context of continuing use.

The design

The approach recommended by the Architects was to retain the social and cultural significance of the building by continuing its use as the formal and symbolic centre of local government in Dunedin. This was to be achieved by restoring and extending the Council Chamber and by creating a new Committee Room so that all public meetings of the Council would take place in the Chambers. Concurrently, the building would also be used to reinforce the growing tourist industry by rebuilding the Tourist Information Centre at ground floor level.

To augment the symbolic and cultural values of the building as a Civil symbol, it was also recommended that the exterior of the building should be restored, including reconstruction of the Clocktower, rebuilding of the exterior stairs and replacement of the exterior decoration. The civic and tourist uses were extended to include a restaurant and a formal civic reception space at first floor level.

Amalgamation of the local authority had created a Council of twenty-one elected representatives in place of the previous twelve. This meant the size of the Council Chamber had to be doubled. This was achieved by breaking out the side walls of the Chamber. Paintings of past Mayors and public dignitaries were hung, and the Speaker’s chair from the old Otago Provincial Council was restored for the Mayor’s use.

Text from Dunedin City Council website

The Octagon
Dunedin Central
New Zealand

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Brisbane and Gold Coast are one of the most developed commercial regions of Australia. Numerous corporations and business organizations are clustered around this region turning the region to one of the busiest business places of world. Most of these corporations are associated with business, sales and marketing. On the other hand, the critical features of the competitive market make business and marketing consultations quite a necessity for their successful operations. Hence, services such as marketing consultant Brisbane and Gold Coast provide these organizations with best solutions. These services are in high demand because they form the core part of any operation in these business organizations. Consultancy services offer marketing ideas and strategies to these companies, which are tailored according to their specific needs. The Marketing division, a consultancy service in Brisbane provides such services to corporations and business entities. This company helps to design market strategy and business plans for other firms. Some areas of expertise of this organization are, developing marketing plans, developing advertising campaigns, developing market research projects, designing sales strategy and so on. These are the services, which forms the core any business and marketing operation.

An effective marketing plan is the key to success of any business entity. Marketing consultant Brisbane, such as The Marketing Division provides the best solutions while developing such effective marketing plans. They work with close collaboration with the staff of the client organization training them to work on their specific requirements. These involves in- depth analysis and research of the market. This enables professionals associated with the client organization to take better decisions in the future. Therefore, corporations derive double benefit from consultancy services- planning the marketing strategies as well as training of their staff. Developing advertisement strategies is another service provided by consultants. Since, advertisement is an indivisible part of any marketing strategy it cannot be avoided. On the other hand, this is quite an expensive part. Therefore, advertising tactics are to be developed with utmost caution so that, they can provide the best ROI. With the growing popularity of internet, the trends of advertisement have changed a lot. It has become more critical and tech savvy. A marketing consultant Brisbane can help in planning effective advertisement strategies that provide much better ROI.

Market research and developing sales strategies are other two important services provided by marketing consultant Brisbane and Gold Coast area such as The Marketing Division. Market research is collection of information that are relevant to the business area of a specific company. It also deals with understanding the key concepts of the rival companies and their products, because these are the primary factors with great impact on profit in a competitive market. As marketing and sales go hand in hand, marketing consultations involves developing sales strategies. Consultants help in deciding sales techniques for maximum result. Apart from these, they also help in developing e-marketing techniques and promotion materials.

The Marketing Division provides professional marketing consultant Brisbane services and also offers courses to individuals who want to study in the industry. For more detailed information, you can visit here

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