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Living the digital lifestyle and becoming a digital marketing consultant is a dream that many people hold and perhaps you have this same dream. Do you dream of the freedom to go anywhere you want to go and of having the capability of doing whatever you want to do all day, having the freedom from the 9 to 5 and the ability to move forward in life progressively? Perhaps you dream of a lifestyle where you travel around the world and have the luxury to go anywhere you want 7 days a week, a lifestyle that affords you to work when you decide to and to make as much money as you want instead of how much money someone else decides that you are worth. Having the freedom to wake up in the morning whenever you want and then hopping online to make tons of money is what many people dream of.

Fortunately, you can achieve that by taking advantage of recent changes in the way the world works. Globalization and the proliferation of the internet have enabled anyone – anyone, to make a decent living online, regardless of whether you are in Bangladesh or New York. How is this possible? The possibility lies in the online economy. The world is changing and the online economy is growing bigger and bigger every day. Now you can tap into this power and take advantage of the power that is has to offer you.

You can create freedom for yourself as a professional Digital Marketing Consultant. You can get clients from all around the world and have other people do the work for you. Your role as a consultant is an expert, a genius mastermind who clients go to for help, profits, and greater business success.Digital Marketing Consultants first need to acquire leads for clients in a variety of ways such as:

• Online classifieds
• Sales
• Telemarketing
• Free information
• Publicity
• Writing articles

Once you have clients who are interested in making more money doing online digital marketing you can convert those leads into sales through a question-based selling process. Neil Rackman has written a great book for consultants called SPIN selling, how it works is you ask a series of different types of questions with your leads:

• Situation Questions – how is their online marketing working for them?
• Problem Questions – what is your biggest sales problem? What is your biggest marketing problem?
• Implication Questions – how is that problem affecting your profits? How is that limiting your growth?
• Need/Payoff Questions – so if you fixed x problem you would be able to achieve double-digit growth this year?

Once you complete all of this, you are able to move them forward to the next step. This may be by offering a free consultation to the people you are working with, offering a mock up sample, providing them with a quote, or any number of other things. Once you have moved them forward on another step, you want to map out the process you want your clients to go to. For example you should create a marketing plan from the first step all the way to the sale:

1. Lead generation
2. Initial questions
3. Proposal
4. Mock up samples
5. Quotation
6. Price agreement and contract
7. Initial deposit.
8. First work being done.

This simple step-by-step strategy enables you to move your prospective clients all the way from being interested to completing a transaction and sale. The key to remember about being a Digital Marketing Consultant is that it is also a numbers game. For example:

1. Send out 5000 flyers leads to
2. 10 people call which leads to
3. 5 appointments resulting in
4. 2 sales

Often our expectations and hopes for what could happen are normally higher than what actually happens. The best way is to not get your hopes up too high then if things do better than what you had hoped you will be thrilled. If things only meet your minimum expectations then you won’t be upset and have the persistence to keep on persisting. For example if you expect that you send out 10 flyers and 5 people are going to call you, this is probably an unrealistic expectation. Most things that are worthwhile in life take a degree of persistence and that persistence is your key to success. Expecting things to simply fall into your lap is probably unrealistic. Enter into your business as a Digital Marketing Consultant then you will overcome whatever problems and obstacles come up as you work towards your dreams.

Remember that you are working towards an incredible life, which is worthwhile, something that you will enjoy for years to come; so going through a little difficulty and having some persistence will be well worth the effort you put in initially. Think of your persistence and effort as an investment that pays you dividends for years to come.The hard work and initial perseverance you put in towards success means that you can relax and have an easy life on the beach for years to come.

A Digital Marketing Consultant is an amazing, easy, and fun job that you are going to love. Create a thorough plan and system for acquiring your customers then you can outsource the marketing services or do it yourself. Remember that any time you do something new it can be hard in the beginning, but again, staying committed and staying dedicated will bring you success and an easy life that you’ve always been dreaming of.

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