The Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant


A vital component of any successful business is the marketing they do online. Digital marketing can be overwhelming and it moves and changes at an unbelievable speed. When it comes to your online strategy a digital marketing consultant is most beneficial to your business. What does a digital marketing consultant do exactly? Their job is to develop a strategy that gets your brand noticed, increases search rankings and converts customers. They determine when and where you should be online to achieve optimal results.

Digital Marketing Consultants are Experts at Marketing Online

It seems that almost every week a new social media platform is hitting the internet. Is it right for your business? It’s hard to know where to be to effectively reach your customers. This is what a digital consultant does; they eat, breathe and sleep online marketing. They know the best social media platforms for your business, the latest in technology and how to keep a website fresh.

They Develop Strategy and the Tactics to Implement it

There is a big difference between a marketing strategy and tactics. Strategy is a plan that is put together to help reach an objective. The tactics are the actions taken within the strategy to realize the goal. A consultant is an outside party that can review your goals and look objectively at your brand, website and current marketing and come up with a strategy that fits your needs. They can look at it from the perspective of the customer, potential customer and competition. Sometimes it’s hard to separate yourself from the brand and an outside party has a better view of things. Digital marketing consultants are current on all online technology and social media that they can develop the best mix of platforms to realize your goal.

Monitoring the Competition

It’s always important to know what your competition is doing in all facets of business. One of the roles of the digital marketing consultant is to monitor what the competition is doing online. A consultant researches what the other guys are doing, where they are investing their time and money online so you know where you stand. They provide tips and recommendations on what you should do online to stay in front of the competition.

Digital Marketing Consultants are

You may think that hiring a consulting group is expensive. It’s actually just the opposite. To have a social media manager, website developer, SEO expert, content writer and videographer on staff can be quite costly with salaries and benefits. When you hire outside the company, you get all those roles in one, affordable price. A full-service consulting firm offers exceptional talent without all the cost associated with people in-house. If you are need of a digital marketing consultant for your business in Ottawa, Contact WSI eStrategies.

WSI eStrategies is a local digital marketing company based in Ottawa, Ontario backed by a strong international presence with over 1500 consultants in 80 countries worldwide. We strive to discover, analyze, build and implement digital solutions that will make a difference for local businesses just like yours.

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Austin-Healey was a brand of sports car.
The marque was established through a joint venture arrangement set up in 1952 between Leonard Lord of the Austin division of the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and Donald Healey, a renowned automotive engineer and designer.

Austin-Healey produced cars until 1972 when the 20-year agreement between Healey and Austin came to an end. Donald Healey left the company in 1968 when British Motor Holdings (BMC had merged with Jaguar Cars in 1966 to form BMH) was merged into British Leyland.

Incidentally, the name Austin is now owned by Nanjing who bought the assets of MG Rover Group (British Leyland’s successor company) out of bankruptcy in 2005. After Donald Healey sold his original business, Donald Healey Motor Company, the Healey brand was registered to a new firm, Healey Automobile Consultants, which the Healey family sold to HFI Automotive in 2005.

In June 2007, Nanjing and Healey Automobile Consultants / HFI Automotive signed a collaborative agreement that aims to recreate the Austin-Healey and Healey marques alongside NAC’s MG. No timeline has been given as to when the Healey and Austin-Healey brands will return, although MG will be back on the market in China and the UK by the year’s end.

The Austin-Healey 3000 was a sports car built from 1959 to 1967, by the Austin-Healey marque, and is the best known of the ‘big’ Healey models. The 3000 was a successful car which won its class in many European rallies in its heyday – and is still used in competition by enthusiasts today. The car was originally to be called the "Mille Miglia" after the famous sports car race, but the displacement-based "3000" name stuck instead. Both the 3000 and the 100 before it were known simply as "the Austin-Healey" in the 1950s, since the company was essentially a single-vehicle marque.

The original Austin Healey 3000 was 2912 cc (nearly 3 litres), with twin SU carburetors and front disc brakes. It was only called the Mark I after the Mark II was released. The original 3000 was built from 1959 – 1961 and has model designation BT7 (4 seat version) and BN7 (2 seater).

The 3000 Mk II came with triple SU Carburetors was built 1961 – 1963 and had model variants BT7 (4 seater version), BN7 (2 seat roadster) and BJ7 (wind up windows rather than side curtains).
The 3000 Mk III was launched in 1963, and remained in production until 1967.
The Series BJ8 was the most powerful and luxurious of the big Healeys – with a Walnut veneer dash, wind up windows, and 150 hp (112 kW).
Austin Healey 3000’s have a long competition history – having raced at most major racing circuits around the world, including Sebring (USA), Le Mans (France), and Mount Panorama Circuit, Bathurst (Australia). Internet Marketing Consultant Course training webinar will help you decide if you want a career with Internet Marketing Consultant Course
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