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The internet marketing consultant business has waved in a dramatic way and has really drawn world attention on it due to multifarious concrete reasons. The increased thirst of online shopping has also made the online marketing niche a strong and imperative niche for the world companies all around. The uncontrollable mushroom growth of internet websites on the internet podium has put the marketing specialists on high demand on all corners of the globe these days.

The internet marketing is really a golden key to ignite your online business presence and of course sales. In other words, the internet marketing formulates apposite ways to make your site sell online. The prime way to accomplish this tedious task is to make it more user friendly to the internet popular search engines. The entire marketing strategies and tips revolve around this ultimate goal.
There is no doubt that how well designed your site is and how many lucrative products it contain, your site can only excel on the World Wide Web if it is properly marketed. The crux of the matter is that your business would be totally collapsed without integrating it with properly marketing strategy as the internet marketing is the only way to generate adequate online traffic to your website. Equipped with all of the beautifying facilities but lacking this marketing aspect would land your site in the middle of nowhere.

The rescue only comes with the proper internet marketing consultancy that is imperative to increase the web traffic toward your WebPages. The main internet marketing techniques comprise of search engine optimization, pay per click advertising techniques and the use of affiliate marketing. You may be familiar with those renowned terms but familiarity with these terms won’t take your WebPages to new heights. For that purpose, you would need a specialist marketing consultant.

Hence hiring an engineer in internet marketing field is a must for every company who want to excel in the online world. The internet marketing consultants are one step ahead than the normal search engine optimization companies. He would formulate strategies to optimize your WebPages and he would also assist you to improve your marketing techniques in the long run. In other words the internet marketing consultants work with you as compared to the search engine optimizers who work for you.

There are multifarious suggestions that the internet marketer would give you such as the apposite usage of keywords in your text, making the keywords more competitive after analyzing your keywords competition on the net, the titles, the meta tags and multifarious other relevant strategies. He would devise ways to increase the visibility of your site before the online surfers. He would also suggest various other ways to accomplish this task such as the making affiliate programs, email marketing techniques, writing business reviews, throwing free ads on internet and making the best use of article marketing techniques as well. All in all if you plan to launch your website in the air, make sure to hire a specialist engineer or a competent firm to market it for you.

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Eryca #41/100, 5 Month Stranger
marketing consultant
Image by Mark Emery Photography
Early one morning back in August 2008 I was waiting for my wife to finish her B.N.I breakfast meeting before heading into the office. Into the room walked a lady who projected beauty, style and self confidence in great volumes. I’d not got over my initial nerves at this stage of the "100 Strangers" project so didn’t ask her right away. She sat down beside me and after a while we got chatting. She introduced herself as Eryca and introduced her friend Joy, and image Consultant/Stylist of Potential U.

I eventually plucked up the courage to ask her to be part of the project, she smiled and gave me a yes. BUT she then said she’d like to do her makeup and asked if we could take the shot another day, she wasn’t really a mornings person. I was stunned! She looked fantastic and wanted to fix her makeup? She told me about a terrible car crash she’d been in and how it changed her direction away from modeling. She gave me her card and we agreed to stay in touch. Why the delay? Her card said it all. Eryca Freemantle is an aesthetic beauty specialist & celebrity make up artist!

With her very busy schedule a number of attempts to meet up came and went. Eryca had the forethought to tell me about the possibility of a job overrunning when we booked the studio, so it wasn’t that big a deal when it overran, and it resulted in a fun shoot with Laurence. We provisionally kept the following Thursday [tonight] free. Thankfully Eryca decided she’d rather be photographed at home, a location far more interesting than the studio! (Sorry Mike!). She’s got a beautiful mirror almost the height of a wall that looks like a magical portal into another world.

Eryca had answered the door in a lovely traditional blue print dress. It was very different to what I’d seen her wearing at B.N.I. She made me a nice cup of mint tea and we chatted for a while, there were a lot of books and magazines in the kitchen, she was doing research for an upcoming trip. I told her about the two images I already had in mind. She’s extremely busy, working on a number of projects and has recently endorsed a cosmetics company’s product, getting her photo on the inner page of their catalog cover. She had a couple of printing samples on the counter and let me keep one. With all of her many contacts Eryca is helping firms get into emerging markets, particularly in Africa. I also learnt that Eryca writes about Health & Beauty for, a site that gets 5million hits a month.

Tea finished, Eryca popped upstairs to change. I should have got a shot of her in her blue dress, but suspect that’s her “just chilling at home” dress. My mind got lost in a large book of lovely photographs that she’d been given by another photographer.

We used one of the front rooms for the shots as it had a mirror with enough room around it for the studio lights. The “portal to another world” mirror was being made ready for professional cleaning so couldn’t be used. The frame of the mirror we did use helped bring some context into the shot, so I’m happy with the results. I asked her about the tea as I’m caffeine free too. She told me she doesn’t have any caffeine, alcohol or cigarettes, laughed and said she must be boring. Far from it!

I asked Eryca about the tattoo on her ankle having spotted it at the B.N.I meeting all those months ago and again tonight. The details are private to her but I will say they reveal more of the inner beauty of this lovely lady.

Thank you so much for your time tonight Eryca!

You can read more about Eryca and her work at
Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at


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