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Selma Burke’s “FDR Bronze Plaque”
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Image by dbking
Bronze relief plaque "Franklin D Roosevelt" by Selma Burke.

Selma Hortense Burke is indeed a piece of history. Ms. Burke’s contributions to the arts as a personality and mentor to other artists cannot be equaled. Her life’s work reached back to the Harlem Renaissance and continued up until her death on September 2, 1995 at age 94 in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

Selma H. Burke was born in 1900 in Mooresville, North Carolina. She was one of ten children born to Neal Burke, a Methodist Minister, and Mary Jackson Burke, an educator and homemaker. Selma became interested in art when she discovered that by modeling clay taken from the river bed near her parent’s farm house she could make all kinds of figures and artistic objects. Her desire and interest in the arts took root immediately.

Even though Selma Burke wanted to become an artist, she was persuaded by her parents to enter the field of nursing. She went on to study nursing at Saint Agnes Training School for Nurses, Raleigh, North Carolina, and later extended her studies at Women’s Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she completed her training in 1924.

The field of nursing lasted only a short while for Selma Burke. Upon the tragic death of her first husband, Durant Woodward in 1929, Ms. Burke took a job in New York as a private nurse for the wealthy heiress of the Otis Elevator Company where she stayed for four years. The Harlem Renaissance was at its peak, and the stock market crash came in 1929, but Selma Burke had discovered the richness of New York and a new opportunity in seeking out her life long goal in becoming an artist. She worked her way through New York’s Art Student’s League and took art courses at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY. By 1935, she had met her second husband, the noted poet, writer, and author, Claude McKay. This relationship helped her to broaden her horizons and knowledge of the arts and literature encompassing Europe and Africa.

In 1936, Selma Burke won a Boehler Foundation Fellowship which helped her to travel in Europe. While there, she studied ceramics under Michael Powolny in Vienna, sculpture under Aristide Maillol, and painting with Henri Matisse, the painter and her mentor, in Paris, France.

Selma Burke came back to the United States and worked under Roosevelt’s arts program with the WPA. She ended her marriage to Claude McKay by 1940 and married Herman Kobbe, an architect (which lasted for 15 years when he died in 1955). Selma Burke finished her MFA with the help of a scholarship and a Julius Rosenwald Award at Columbia University in 1941. Selma Burke did a short stint in the navy during World War II, but she was injured and thus returned to her art endeavors. In 1943, she won an international competition and was chosen to design a portrait of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. After some unsuccessful sketches from photographs, Selma Burke asked "Roosevelt could he sit in person." Roosevelt did sit for Ms. Burke on February 22, 1944. The completed work became a 3’6" by 2’6" bronze plaque with a profile of Roosevelt which included the inscription of the Four Freedoms:

Freedom from Want
Freedom from Fear
Freedom of Worship
Freedom of Speech

The plaque was unveiled by President Harry S.Truman on September 24, 1945 as it was installed in the Recorder of Deeds Building in Washington, DC (note: F.D.R. died on April 12, 1945 before the plaque was installed). Burke and many others believe that John Sinnock based his design for the Roosevelt Dime on this plaque.

Selma Burke believed in passing on what she had learned as a skilled visual artist. From 1940 up until the late 1970’s, she taught art and sculpture at Livingston, Swarthmore, and Haverford Colleges. In 1940, she became the founder of the Selma Burke School of Sculpture in New York City, and, later in 1968, she established the Selma Burke Art Center in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The A.W. Mellon Foundation selected Ms. Burke as a hired consultant from 1967-1976. Her works of art have been exhibited in countless museums around the world. Among her numerous honors is the Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Visual Arts presented by President Jimmy Carter in 1979. In 1989, she was among the Essence Awards honories for the Arts. One of her last shows was at the Malcolm Brown Galley in Shaker Heights, NY. Fifteen of her stone and bronze sculptures were on view – among them, her plaster Falling Angel. Selma Burke is cited in extensive bibliographies and biographical reference sources.

Her notable works include:

JIM, plaster
PEACE, plaster
MARTIN L. KING, bronze statue

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