Six Ways To Put An Email Marketing Consultant To Work For Your Business


Sometimes you might not know all the ways an email marketing consultant could help improve your email campaigns.

Here’s six ways to direct the work of an email consultant. These ideas should help you to understand better how to get the most from your consultant.

Six Strategies for using an Email Marketing Consultant.

1. Do the set up for you. You’ll need to select the proper software, plan your email campaigns, and create your email layout. An email consultant can save you time by doing the work for you so you can hit the ground running.

2. Review your current operation. If you’ve been doing email marketing for any period of time you will have some good email statistics which can help to guide your future campaigns. An expert can review how you’re using the software and your results to date and make recommendations for improvement.

3. Create good email copy. We think that good email campaigns have excellent copy. You could have all the technical parts right but find that your words just don’t have the impact that they could. Having a professional copywriter spruce up your copy could suddenly beef up your results.

4. Make sure you’re using autoresponders. We don’t see many companies using autoresponders properly, if at all. An email expert can ensure you’re using autoresponders to build better customer relationships.

5. Help you with advanced email strategy. You might not be using split tests, campaign tracking or list segmenting but these advanced strategies can often be the difference between a winning email strategy and one that doesn’t work. Get an email consultant to put these strategies to work on your campaigns.

6. Outsource email marketing. If you would rather spend your time running your company instead of formatting email newsletters, you can outsource your email marketing–to email consultants like us! ZinMarketing works with small businesses to run their email campaigns. We do the work so you don’t have to. We’ll create good strategy, design the emails, write winning copy, set up and send the messages, and give you reports on the results.

Email marketing is our passion and we love being an email marketing consultant for companies in different industries.

Learn more about email strategy. Stop by Mitch Tarr’s site where you can find out all about email marketing consultants and what they can do for you.

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