Why You Should Consider Using An Internet Marketing Consultant


You may have heard the term, ‘Internet Marketing Consultant (IMC)’ and wondered what exactly it is? Well, an IMC is basically a marketing expert with very specific experience and knowledge of advertising on the Internet.

Unlike most Marketing Agencies, typically an IMC only deals with Internet based marketing methods and probably won’t be much use to you if you want advice on newspaper advertising or other offline media. However, like the offline world, the Internet is awash with marketing opportunities and a good IMC will know which are the best to target for your business model.

Far too many businesses just jump straight into Internet marketing and soon realise it is an absolute minefield. An effective IMC can help you navigate through this minefield to new customers. Where marketing online is significantly more effective for small businesses than the offline world is that you can compete with the big fish in the pond without necessarily needing the big budget to go with it.

If you’re a small business owner I suspect you’ve got your hands dirty with almost every element of running a business including your marketing. There is a preconception that any type of ‘Agency’ or ‘Consultant’ will be far too expensive and probably not be that interested in our tiny venture. However, you’ll be pleased to know that an IMC will always want to hear from you and won’t look down their nose at you regardless of how small your business is.

Because results with online marketing are so easy to measure, for the first time you can accurately evaluate what sort of return you get for your money. Unlike typical brand-building exercises where there was never any way to determine the return on your marketing spend, you can see fast and effective results with online marketing.

If your company sells widgets at 50.00 each and with some Internet marketing advice you can sell an extra 100 widgets a week, what price would you pay for that advice? You’d probably expect to pay tens of thousands of pounds for such advice, and quite rightly because it’s going to add another 250,000+ to your annual turnover. However, because online marketing doesn’t involve huge changes of direction for most smaller companies, effective action can be taken in just a few weeks and at a fraction of the cost you would expect from an off-line campaign.

Whatever your business plan is for the next 12-months, rip it up and start from scratch, this time taking into account how you can market your business more online than offline. If you’re not sure where to start, most IMC’s will offer a free initial consultation which could prove to be one of the most effective business decisions you undertake.

If you still require more information about Internet Marketing, we suggest visiting Keith A Pearson’s website for more free advice on choosing a Marketing Consultant for your business.

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