Month: July 2016

Do You Need To Talk With A Marketing Consultant For Your Digital Ads?


Businesses have rapidly migrated to the internet for their advertising. Print, radio and television are still viable, but the eventual dominance of web-based marketing is inevitable. There are many reasons for this move to the internet. The introduction of smartphones, tablets, other wireless devices and the omnipresence of internet communications has opened up opportunities to get marketing messages to a worldwide customer base.

The internet runs on search engines that make the rules. The algorithms can change without notice and content management is challenging. A business never really knows where its customers will find their message, directory placement, social media and other factors are critical to getting found in a search by a client. The world wide nature of the web makes markets open in places you never knew you could do business, or perhaps never occurred to you in the original business plan.

Do you feel ready to open the doors of your shop to the world? Where do you plan to sell? To whom? What language do they speak and what kind of money do they use? Being ready for a global clientele makes for careful planning and not all of us are experienced enough or have the resources available to make a wise decision. On the web, mis-steps can be fatal. Once launched, websites take on a life of their own. Mis-use, fraud, and outright deception are common. Security and Terms of Service policies are essential to preclude legal action from third parties. An experienced consultant in marketing with digital media is an essential resource.

What do you look for in a marketing consultant for your online strategy? First of all, experience in internet marketing is critical. Because anything, good or bad, can go “viral” on the web that first step has to be a sure one. Content must be well written, graphics have to be clear and well designed, links have to work, and e-mail addresses correct. A Terms of Service policy should be on the website to keep legal matters out of sight. An online payment system that can work overseas needs to be selected. Your consultant should be experienced and knowledgeable in all these concepts.

World wide web means world wide customer base. Are you ready to sell to clients in places you haven’t considered. If you mean to restrict sales geographically a statement needs to be placed on the website about this, but don’t discard the idea. Payment systems can accommodate currency differences. Does your marketing consultant have the international expertise and access to information to be up to date on international commerce and regulations in each country ? This needs to be considered in your choice of consultants. Marketing consultants come in all varieties, seeking out the one that best reflects your your business plan, your potential to grow and someone who will act as a coach and mentor on an ongoing basis is important. Internet advertising opens up many doors and almost as many traps. An effective strategy must be marked out, be open to change, and be based on constant evaluation of data and facts. The right marketing consultant can be your best asset in digital advertising.

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