Then Hurricane Katrina hit

Then Hurricane Katrina hit, and the real estate developers turned their backs on the coast, took off their sunglasses, and saw for the first time, 50 miles inland and 350 feet above sea level, the peaceful little old abandoned town of Florinna, with its oak shaded brick streets and its Victorian downtown. Whoa! they said, and they started writing contracts. The hardware store became an art gallery selling folk art, the dry goods store became a gift shop belching out the scent of Yankee candles, and the grocery store had a sushi bar.

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cheap oakley sunglasses In late September, Collier County commissioners unanimously approved up to $483,452 in cash incentives for the company’s headquarters project. But the replica oakleys name of the businesswas kept secret.Gov. Rick Scott revealed the company’s name Monday, with a visit toACI’s headquarters in North Naples where helaudedits expansion plans.”They chose Florida as the best placeto expand, Naples as the best place to expand cheap oakley sunglasses.


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