Perspective Dynamics in Framing Critical Wine Tasting Reviews

At the North American Wine Blogger's Conference in Charlottesville, Virginia on July 24, 2011, Tom Wark led a group discussion on "How to Exercise Wine Blogger Responsibility in the Critical Review of Tasting Wines". The unofficial topic was "How to Trash a Wine that Exhibits Hints of Fresh Manure Aromas or that Tastes like *ss".

We got deeper into the responsibility and ethics of fairness, balance, and respect - for the readers, winemakers, the wine, and the review writers.

However disappointing previous encounters might have been, most of these are eventually capable of improving at some future occasion on which we meet and partake of each other.

The participants were active and deeply concerned with the approach to assigning appropriately merited criticism to a wine in a manner that is fair, acceptable, and well understood by all parties.

Especially of interest is the framing of a review on a wine that has no broad defect, where it either does not connect with the reviewer's palate, or it simply needs more bottle aging before it can be both more fully accessible to the public palate as well as be more fairly reviewed for the potential that it will exhibit.

Standing in close oversight of the wineries as they release new wines, we expect that the youngest and more tannic wines will appeal more readily to certain Taste Tribes. The inventory of such wines may draw down over the period of more than two years, in which time the value of the wine may ascend for the patient buyers as well as for the winemaker. These conditions are inherent in the risks and rewards for all.

Many deeply felt thanks to all who participated. Bravo!

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The is the first in a series of short clips from that discussion.